Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More tweaking

I have more DS378's so I changed out the flap servos on the first Freestyler. Now both of them have DS378's in flaps, get plenty of travel, and have the horns all inside the servo covers. Spent some time measuring throws between the two models too and have them matched even better.

Tungsten ballast fits the joiners. Now I can put an extra 10 oz max ballast into the model. Some evening flying today. cross wind, just a few MPH so I could not really load up. Thursday afternoon will be another practice day. Distance and speed flying planned. Depends on the help.

Won't have to worry about the sun in the afternoon. Should be light east wind, 5-7MPH. Temps in the 70's. Not expecting any killer lift. Also makes it easier to unload at the field. Won't have to drag all the batteries as far.

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