Thursday, October 28, 2010

F3b Models Shooter/Cyril/Freestyler

The question is what F3b models are in that box heading to Cal Valley....

I have the most time this year on a Shooter. Yellow/Blue/Red color scheme is good for visibility for me in clear blue skies. The thing launches lots of weight. I have two Tungsten bars that fit into the ballast tubes with some space left over for some more regular ballast chunks.

Second model is the new one, a Cyril. Yellow/Red cubist with standard black/white bottom/ Red fuselage. Also good for blue skies. I have some lead ballast for the wing slots so I can load the thing up a bit in the wind. This might be the stiffest model I have.

Third model is Freestyler. Lots off flying time on that one last year. But I don't like the white/red color scheme in blue skies.

The Ceres Lift is staying home.

Lots of JR servos all around. The Cyril has the 388HV's and 3717HV's in the fuselage with a LiFe battery pack.

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