Sunday, December 28, 2008

F3b Timing System 2.4 RF Link

I tested out my base A-B cable replacement today. Looks like it works fine.

Base B is a hacked LP5DSM transmitter from a Blade CX2. I pulled the boards out and mounted them in a box. Control sticks are replaced by a resistor network. The pushbutton switch shorts one of the resistors to get the second "switch" position. I also stuffed a 4-cell 1500mah NiMH and a JR Chargeswitch into the box to finish the package. Current draw appars low enough that this battery should last all day.

Base A is a AR500 receiver and four Picoswitches. The picoswitch replaces the long wire/pushbutton to base B. Packed in a box with another battery and chargeswitch. Both have 8-pin DIN connectors to connect into my signal system replacing the 150 meter cable. I won't miss rolling that out and back up at the end of the day.

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