Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Freestyler3 DSM2 2.4 Install

Here is my latest addition to the F3b fleet. A Freestyler 3. You can get them at F3X.com.
The nosecone is fiberglass but the rest of the fuselage is carbon. Space is pretty limited in this fuselage.

I replaced the wing wire harness that was provided with one made out of teflon coated wire with 24 gauge for the power wires. I also cut down the servo leads since there isn't much extra space to stuff in any extra wire. I also cut down the leads on the 3-wire Spektrum switch so they are just long enough. The switch is in front of the RX. That switch is handy to have if you need to rebind to a different TX quickly. There is also a short 32 guage wire to bring out the wire for the JR DSM Flight Log. Servos are JR 3421SA's.

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