Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ready for F3b Team Selections

September and October have been busy.  The new Freestylers with LDS finally made it to the USA. Both models have been built up. First testing went well but then I have a few setup days with the worst possible launch conditions.  A high building, light and variable winds, little lift.  One day I set up for the SW wind direction of 2-3 that was predicted and the best I got was an occasional 3-4 from the NW.  Painful launching conditions.  On the 12th, 13th, 14th I had a great practice up at the RISC fields with help from a bunch of RISC members that Alex was able to organize. Enough time on measured courses to get the base B distance judgement back, although it was still pretty safe flying without many cuts. 13th was overcast and any thermal activity was weak.  Plenty of nice launches around the 300M mark. 14th had a little more thermal activity when I flew some distance laps.  It was either great with multiple thermals in the 4 minutes or really nasty air.  Cruising for 30 lap flights was nice.   Field equipment was shipped today.  I didn't get the airplane packing completed.  Those will go tomorrow.  Then I just have to wait....

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