Thursday, August 28, 2014

XG14 for F3b

Last weekend was the first contest flying with the Xplorer at RISC contest in Rhode Island.  Awesome sod farm to fly on.  Much bigger than my local sod farm fields.  It would make a great F3b field.  I can't complain about a 1st place with the new radio.

This week I put the new receivers into my two Shooters.  I used the same base program as on my TD models and it was a lot simpler to setup on the F3b model after having been through two program conversions.  I place one aileron or one flap at a time on the new RX and go through the flight modes setting the wing surfaces.  This is the easiest way to set up the new positions.  One benefit of the XG14 is that I now have different launch modes available.  Previously I used a few custom mixes that were enabled in launch mode that would offset the flaps, ailerons, elevator from the base launch mode.  Now they are all individually settable which will make tuning the launch a lot easier.

This evening it was a nice NW wind and after some range checks and double checking all the mixes in all the flight modes, it was time to launch.  Launch presets were pretty close to what I had before.  But it will take some more flying in light wind conditions to be sure.  It's kind of hard to not launch well in the wind.  A few flights to check float, normal, speed presets went well as well as checking the elevator compensation at 25%, 50%, full flap.  Finally load up full ballast and try a few speed runs.

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