Saturday, August 16, 2014

XG14 Progress

First day out with XG14.  I ran through the normal brand new equipment check.  First flights were with a radian after some range checks.  It's a bit longer walk away from the models to get to the 40M range.  Just have to be careful in pointing end of antenna to get correct results.  Radian was uneventful including flying at long distance really low to the ground.  It's nice to be on a big sod farm.  

Next comes the Bubble Dancer.  A good check if the mix values and ranges and dual rates map over well from an old 9303 program.   Things worked just fine after fine tuning the elevator presets in the flight mode and launch.  The Brake Sys curve setup screen is nice to use in-flight for the elevator settings.  I found it really easy to use and see the output value.  It switches to the output value based on the stick position so there is no extra navigating to select a value.

I needed to get my Xplorers set up for the next contest.  Setup of my program on my Xplorer 1 was next followed by my Xplorer 2. Final verification that all the servos moved in the correct directions in all flight modes and no unexpected jumps in any servo positions when switching flight modes.  All the aileron to flap mixes work as expected as well as aileron to rudder mixes.   Both models worked just fine.

I was able to copy mix rates and approximate centers from my 12X programs.   For flap and aileron presets, I plugged both receivers in with one flap or aileron on the new RX and matched the preset positions between the two programs.   I switched to using the camber system offsets on the XG-14.  The XG-14 does not provide an easy way to see the absolute value of the trim offsets if you use the old trim offset method that you had to use for things like the 9303.  You still have the option of doing it either way but the camber system offset is much nicer to use on the XG-14.  The 12X had a quirk in the Delay feature if you used value set for each surface instead of the trim offset.  Only the trim offset fed into the delay feature.  That is gone from the XG-14 and both ways work if you happen to use delay to transition between camber settings.

The TLS1-VRO Vario is nice to use.  It was a calm evening.  Too much uptrim and you can see the stalls in the vario reading.  The best transmitter display resolution depends on looking at the data in Meters.  When you select feet, there is no decimal point.  When you select meters, then you get a decimal point so it will display rate changes down to .1 m/s

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