Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I finally have a new radio to set up for the models.  Time to move on from the 12X for my F3b models.  It definitely weighs a lot less than the 12X but that was never a problem.  The sticks are decent, I always used the higher end JR TX which had nicer sticks than the average radio.

One nice feature in programming is flight modes.  The  XG14 really allows you to define any combination of switches to select a flight mode.  Rather than selecting a 3-position switch for speed/normal/thermal, I can select a custom combination of switches for each flight mode.  This makes it easy to add a few launch modes and to use a stick position switch for a landing mode.   It's nice to now have 8 modes that I can easily assign and name.

The built-in mixes are all the standard mixes so its easy to copy a lot of settings from the 12X.  But I still need to measure the presets to verify things are being converted properly  And elevator trim settings and launch settings will take some flight time.

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