Sunday, December 28, 2008

F3b Timing System 2.4 RF Link

I tested out my base A-B cable replacement today. Looks like it works fine.

Base B is a hacked LP5DSM transmitter from a Blade CX2. I pulled the boards out and mounted them in a box. Control sticks are replaced by a resistor network. The pushbutton switch shorts one of the resistors to get the second "switch" position. I also stuffed a 4-cell 1500mah NiMH and a JR Chargeswitch into the box to finish the package. Current draw appars low enough that this battery should last all day.

Base A is a AR500 receiver and four Picoswitches. The picoswitch replaces the long wire/pushbutton to base B. Packed in a box with another battery and chargeswitch. Both have 8-pin DIN connectors to connect into my signal system replacing the 150 meter cable. I won't miss rolling that out and back up at the end of the day.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Freestyler3 DSM2 2.4 Install

Here is my latest addition to the F3b fleet. A Freestyler 3. You can get them at
The nosecone is fiberglass but the rest of the fuselage is carbon. Space is pretty limited in this fuselage.

I replaced the wing wire harness that was provided with one made out of teflon coated wire with 24 gauge for the power wires. I also cut down the servo leads since there isn't much extra space to stuff in any extra wire. I also cut down the leads on the 3-wire Spektrum switch so they are just long enough. The switch is in front of the RX. That switch is handy to have if you need to rebind to a different TX quickly. There is also a short 32 guage wire to bring out the wire for the JR DSM Flight Log. Servos are JR 3421SA's.

Ceres carbon DSM2 2.4 Install

The Ceres is a bit more of a challenge for 2.4. It is all carbon and has a carbon canopy. My solution was to make a mold for the canopy and make a fiberglass canopy. The antennas were then placed as high as possible up into the canopy, one on each side of the fuselage. Works just fine.

I picked up mine from SoaringUSA.

Tool F3b 2.4 DSM2 Installation

Here is a picture of my installation of a DSM2 2.4Ghz receiver in a Tool. This is the model I used for the 2009 US F3b Team Selection contest in Chicago.

The fuselage is all carbon, but the slip on nosecone is kevlar. So the antennas are positioned in the servo area. This area is pretty clear of carbon, especially at altitude.

Check out Skip Miller Models if you want a Tool.


Getting up a blog site on F3b. Getting ready for 2009 F3b WC.

US F3b Web Site up and running

The web site is up and running. Check out Paul Naton did the artwork for the logos.