Monday, November 22, 2010


Latest F3b toy ready for the first flight. Finished up at 2080gm. Finally an F3b model that looks different in the air.

Monday, November 15, 2010

F3b Team Selections

Well the 3 week journey is almost over. Fedex says all the equipment is supposed to make it here today. Between my equipment and Glauco's equipment, almost 500 lbs of F3b gear was shipped. Part of a which was borrowed in CA from Tom Kiesling and 5 batteries purchased.

What can I say about the results, I was surprised I finished 3rd. Happy with a 13.83 speed run for round 1 and I can't even complain about an 18.17 cut in round 3. Fastest cut I've had in a contest.

Distance started out rough with the wind and being the farthest away from the buzzers. But every flight was 22 laps or higher on the Cyril. After moving the buzzer for D off the ground, it was a little easier to hear. Very important when you are short on help in distance. Short help meant safe winch lines for the contest. But still good enough. No bad durations, no really bad distances but not 5 wins either. Three good speed runs, one OK, one that was so close to being really good and one asleep at the sticks on Sunday morning. Not bad for not really doing that much practice this year. Things just didn't work out with schedules other than a few short sessions after TD contest.

I finished up the trip on Tuesday with a trip to Soaring USA. Thanks Bob for selling me the one Fosa that Jiri sent for you. It's now in the shop and I'm sorting out the radio install. I used a Hyperion 1450 in the Cyril but the Fosa has a smaller fuselage. Clearly designed for Elite 1500 battery, either 3+1 or 4+1 configuration. I put the Fosa nose cone against a Radical nose cone this morning. In some ways it's smaller if you can believe that. I did find a few pieces of tungsten that I'll be able to machine to put into the wings to really load up the model.