Wednesday, March 4, 2015

JR tail Servos for Sailplanes

In the past I have used 3421's then 3717HV's for higher voltage installs, especially on all my V-tail models.  I just got two new servos.  The JR MP31Swv and the JR NX3125.   The MP31Swv is the fastest of the bunch.  It is down to .08 seconds on 7.4 volts.  It is a wide voltage servo so you don't have to worry about what battery pack you are using.   It also has just a little more power than the 3717HV. The case size is the same as the 3421's.

The other interesting item is the NX3125.  This is not quite as fast as the MP31Swv but it is an XBus servo.  It's also more flexible in voltage range and it us XBus programmable to tweak the servo if you need to.  What I'm really hoping for is to get the JR398 servo in a NX version and a receiver that just has maybe 4 XBus outputs to use in a sailplane.

Receivers for Sailplanes

I now have some JR 712BX receivers.  These are a really nice package that most sailplane pilots should be happy with.  They have a hard case, and you don't need a separate satellite for telemetry.  The stock two antennas are all that you need.  It's like installing a 731 or 831 without having to put in a remote.

The one I'm really waiting for is the JR 612BX.  This is a 6 channel version which is enough channels for most of my sailplanes.  It also have a lightweight case.  You might notice that there are only 5 servo connections on one end.  The 6th is on the other end along with the XBus connector and telemetry input.  This RX should really work well for DLG's or tight F3b installs.

New Winch

I added a new winch to the connection.  It's an Ober winch with a Bosch motor.  My other winches are all Lucas motors but when they get packed in a Pelican case, it's real easy to exceed the 50 lb limit on luggage.  So I have this winch so I have one that is easier to carry on an airline.

The winch does not have the standard drum sizes.  I never thought those were the best for the motors and the normal lines I use. Normally you get 45mm, 55mm, and 65mm.  The 65mm is useless. I had this winch done with a smaller 40mm base drum size.  Then I have 46mm, 50mm, 54mm, and 58mm sleeves for pretty much an wind condition and line in F3b.