Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Receivers for Sailplanes

I now have some JR 712BX receivers.  These are a really nice package that most sailplane pilots should be happy with.  They have a hard case, and you don't need a separate satellite for telemetry.  The stock two antennas are all that you need.  It's like installing a 731 or 831 without having to put in a remote.

The one I'm really waiting for is the JR 612BX.  This is a 6 channel version which is enough channels for most of my sailplanes.  It also have a lightweight case.  You might notice that there are only 5 servo connections on one end.  The 6th is on the other end along with the XBus connector and telemetry input.  This RX should really work well for DLG's or tight F3b installs.

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