Friday, November 7, 2014

XG14 Spring Change

I usually adjust the spring tension on my transmitters to increase the tension and also install longer sticks.  This way I use more motion in control inputs instead of using really minute movements.  With the XG14 I had the tension close to the maximum with the stock springs but on occasion I would still end up with some aileron input at times like when pushing over and pulling back for a zoom launch which requires a lot of stick movement.

My solution is to get some stiffer springs in there.  I picked up a few sets from Radio South.  Installation requires some good lighting and some tools.  The transmitter back requires removing 3 screws to remove the plastic piece on the carrying handle and then removing the 8 screws holding the back case on the transmitter.  Next I adjusted the tension on the springs as low as possible to make spring removal and installation easier.  I used a really small flat blade screwdriver to grab the accessible end of the spring and pull that end off.  The spring is then pretty easy to pick up out of the back of the stick assembly with a small pair of pliers.    For installation, I took a piece of .020 stainless wire and bent a U shape in the one end.  Hook the spring on the inside end of the spring holder/adjuster and then slide the U shaped wire through the other end of the spring.  The wire can then be used to stretch the spring and pull it to attach the other side.  A really thin wire is required for this so that the spring end can slide into place on the stick assembly and so that you can still slide out the wire once it's hooked.

Fall weather is here and it's going to be cold the next few days. Next week looks like a chance to get out and try out the stiffer sticks.