Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tool has new home

My other F3b Tool now has a new home. I still have a Ceres, Ceres Lift, Freestyler, and Tanga in the F3b collection....

LSF Nats 2010

The proposed 2010 Nats schedule is out. F3b is missing from the list. F3k was moved to the weekend when F3b is usually run at the same time as XC.

So F3b will now be an unofficial event that will be held at the same time as 2M on July 27, 28. Make sure you get on 2.4 so that there aren't any conflicts with 2M.

Since it's not an official event, then there can probably be a contribution to the F3b team fund in place of the regular entry. Next worlds will be in China.

Who wants to make the trip to Muncie for 2 days F3b, 2 days Unlimited, 2 days F3k or RES, F3b, Unlimited?