Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weather Improves

Finally some normal summer days. Out this evening for a few hours. Weekend will be LISF contest and then Monday afternoon, more practice.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 20th weekend

More wet weather. You can see it on the US Open coverage....

Got out Saturday a little after 7AM. Put in three 10 minute duration
flights. No wind, overcast, no real activity just fly around for 10
minutes. Set up and flew a few distance flights working the 4 minutes.

Steve made it out to the field so I flew a few with base B calls and
some rain started. 15-19 laps depending on how much rain and how good
the launch was. 50% ballast, sometimes 1-2mph cross on launchs but not
much to help. Luis made it out so I could try a few speed runs. By
then the rain was starting so it really hurt the launches. Model was
silent except for the raindrops you could hear hitting the wing in
flight so I couldn't get it under 20. Around 21 in rain with no wind or 90 degrees at best. Radar looked solid yellow, orange to the west so I was packed up by 10. Good timing on packing up.

Too much rain overnight to be able to use the sod farm and more showers Sunday anyway. With the forcast wind, it would be hard to keep turnarounds in the ground.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Saturday Practice

Looks like a good day for practice tomorrow. Steve, Luis, and Jeff should be out to help. Five winches, 12 batteries, lots of line. Partly cloudy conditions around 70 and no threat of showers until late in the day. With the east winds, shouldn't have any sun problems through the day. Freestyler and Ceres Lift all charged.